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1) Which of the following states/union territories has the lowest sex ratio in India
2) According to 2001 census life expectancy at birth is
3) What does NPP stand for
4) How much of rural population in India are in a population to avail safe drinking water and basic sanitation amenities
5) Which one of the following introduced the concept of Human Development
6) With reference to the Human Poverty Index, consider the following statements

1. It is used by the UNDP to measure human development.
2. It is a non-income measure.
3. Often the Human Poverty Index is less revealing than the Human Development Index.
7) Which of the following are pull factors for majority of rural migrants to urban areas

1. Better opportunities
2. Availability of regular work
3. Education.
4. Sources of entertainment
8) World Development Report has projected that population of India will touch 1,350 million by
9) What is the overall literacy rate of India as per 2011 census
10) Gerontology is the study of
11) Papulation explosion means
12) Who wrote the ‘first essay on population’
13) Match the following

(a) Dumont 1. Diet principle
(b) Thomas Doubleday 2. Density principle
(c) Sadler 3.Social Capillarity theory
(d) Ginni 4. Cyclical theory

Code: a b c d
14) Transitional Growth means
15) Population pyramid is graphic representation of
16) Which of the following is not a demographic process
17) Who has identified five phase of demographic transition
18) Who has given optimum population theory
19) Unorganized sector in India comprises approximately _______ of the working population
20) Gender Empowerment Measure does not include:

a) Political Participation
b) Economic Participation
c) Cultural Participation
d) Administrative Participation