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1) The community organiser who takes the measures to build strong ego is called as
2) The Therapy originated by Aaron Beck is
3) Who used the concept of ‘persona’ while propounding the theory of personality
4) Major depressive episode can occur most typically due to
5) Congruity theory of attitude change is related to
6) Which type of recording in field practice capture the mood and response of the client
7) Arrange in chronological order the year of establishment of national health programmes in India

a.National Mental Health Programme
b.National Tobacco Control Programme
c.National Leprosy Eradication Programme
d.National Cancer Control Programme
8) Match List – I with List - II and select the correct answer with the help of codes attached

(Theories) (Proponents)
a.Existential (i)J. B. Watson
b.Gestalt (ii)Sigmund Freud
c.Psychoanalytical (iii)Soren Kierkegaard
d.Behavioural (iv)Frits Perls

Codes :(a) (b) (c) (d)

9) Ability to understand another’s need and circumstances is
10) Which of the following can not be said to be closely associated with therapeutic intervention of psycho analytic theory of social work practice
11) _________involves keeping certain impulses out of awareness by replacing the unwanted impulse with its opposite
12) If a person is trying to make up for what he or she perceives as deficits or deficiencies; which of the defense mechanism he/she is using in doing so
13) Which one of the following is a type of dream mechanism
14) Profession selection is an example of
15) Repression refers to
16) Recognition of one’s emotions and their effect is called as
17) The observation of one’s own mental and emotional process is called as
18) Ideas of consciousness that is not able to measure is
19) Match List – I with List – II and select the correct answers from the codes given below :

List – I List – II
a. Classical Conditioning 1. Ivan Pavlov
b. Operant conditioning 2. B.F. Skinner
c. Theory of insight learning 3. Edward Thorndike
d. Trial and Error Theory 4. Kohler

Codes :a b c d

20) The theory that is based on rewards and punishment is