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1) Which of the following statement(s) about the Indian Labour Conference is/are true

a) The code of Discipline was introduced by the ILC.
b) The Minimum Wages Act, the Employee’s State Insurance Act, and the
Employees’ Provident Fund Act were enacted due to the consensus reached
on these issues in the ILC.
c) The ILC defined the basis for calculation of Need-based Minimum Wage.

2) What is the time period within which the Grievance Redressal Committee Constituted under the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, has to complete its proceedings on receipt of a written application by or on behalf of the aggrieved workmen
3) What is not true about industrial relations policy in India
4) With the approval of which of the following authorities, an apprentice undergoing training in a factory may be allowed to work overtime under the Apprenticeship Act, 1961
5) Who viewed trade unions as ‘moral institutions’ aiming at making the workers better individuals and responsible citizens
6) The period of limitation for an appeal to the High Court against the decision of the Employee’s Insurance Court under the provisions of the Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948 is
7) The report of which of the following committees in India was instrumental in the enactment of the Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948
8) Under which part of the Indian Constitution, the basic foundation of Labour Legislations is found ?

(a) The Preamble
(b) The Fundamental Rights
(c) The Directive Principles of State Policy
9) ‘Glass Ceiling’ is a phenomenon related to
10) What is the time period within which any fine imposed on any employee shall be recovered from the day on which it was imposed
11) Which of the following care conventions of the ILO has not been ratified by India
12) In general, what would be the maximum number of outsiders as office bearers of a registered trade union functioning in the organised sector
13) Under the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948, a safety committee is to be constituted in a factory where
14) Which of the following types of conflicts is not individual level conflict
15) Match the facilities to be provided depending upon the number of workers employed under the Factories Act, 1948.

Facilities Required Number of Workers

a. Shelter and rest rooms i. More than 500 workers
b. Cool drinking water during hot weather ii. More than 250
c. Ambulance room iii. More than 150 workers
d. Welfare officer iv. 500 or more workers

Codes :a b c d
16) Discharging or dismissing workmen by way of victimization is prohibited under which of the Schedules of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
17) Under which of the following circumstances, Voluntary Retirement Scheme can be proposed by a firm

a. Recession in business
b. Joint venture with foreign collaborators
c. Takeover and merger
d. Obsolescence of product or technology
18) The ‘golden handshake’ means
19) The tendency of some people to work harder or perform better when they know that they are being observed is
20) Which of the following forms of industrial conflict are not legally approved

a. Strike
b. Gherao
c. Lockout
d. Go slow