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1) Which among the following is a refusal or disobedience of an order

a. Rebellion
b. Uprising
c. Insurrection
d. Delinquency
2) According to Durkheim “Human agency” is constrained by
3) Which one of the following is not a correctional programme /service
4) A theory of deviant behavior which holds that deviant behavior results when there is a lack of socially approved means to achieve a socially approved goals
5) Match items in List – I with List – II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :

List – I List – II
a. Transference i. Law
b. Parole ii. Sociology
c. Cultural lag iii. Psychiatry
d. Award iv. Criminology

Codes :a b c d
6) Juvenile crime can be prevented mainly by
7) Who argues that deviance results not from ‘pathological personalities’ but from the culture and structure of society itself
8) Drug-addicted follow the path of _______, according to Merton
9) Who among the following propounded the biological theory of the origin of deviance
10) Who has said that ‘Crime is an inevitable and normal aspect of social life’
11) Deviant behaviour is _________ for the group in which it occurs
12) _________ is institutionalized evasion
13) Deviation is _______
14) Who has given the ‘lebelling theory of deviation’
15) Clifford Shaw and Henry Mckay who formed the Chicago School in 1920s’ applied________ approach to explain deviance
16) Annmic means
17) Sanctions can be in the form of
18) Which of the following is positive sanction
19) White coller crime is committed by those whom the rest of society views as
20) 'Observation Home' under the Juvenile Justice Act is established for