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1) Match the following movements given in List-I with their proponents given in List-II.
List – I List – II
a. Anti corruption Movement 1. Arundhati Roy
b. Narmada Bachao Movement 2. Sundar Lal Bahuguna
c. Chipco Movement 3. Anna Hazare
d. Right to Information 4. Medha Patkar

Codes :
a b c d
2) The Rational-Emotive Therapy is best associated with
3) Which of the following is not a correct match
4) Under which of the following articles of the Constitution of India does the state provide equal justice and free legal aid
5) Which one of the following is not a part of the Directive Principles of the State Policy
6) Who among the following is associated with ‘Bachpan Bachao Andolan’
7) Assertion (A): Trust is crucial to the relationship between a
professional and a client.
Reason (R): Trust in a relationship can act as a catalyst for
behavioural change
8) Which of the following is not a correct match
9) Match the List – I with List – II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :

List – I(Name of the Author) List – II(Title of the Book)

a. A. Kadusin i. Principles of Social Case Work
b. T. Biestek ii. Child Welfare Services
c. Grace Mathew iii. Introduction to Social Case Work
d. S.K. Khinduka iv. Working with Communities

Codes :
a b c d
10) Albert Bandura has proposed _______as a key component of human personality development
11) ‘Grapes are Sour’ attitude exemplifies which defense mechanism
12) According to H.H. Pearlman which is not a type of diagnosis in social work
13) The order of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs is

I. Deficit needs
II. Safety needs
III. Esteem needs
IV. Affiliation needs
14) Assertion (A): Records should neither be too long nor too short.
Reason (R): There should be certain degree of uniformity.
15) Arrange the following reform movements in order in which they appeared

I. Ramakrishna Mission
II. Swadeshi Movement
III. Arya Samaj
IV. Brahmo Samaj
16) The mode of communication that involves a single source transmitting information to a large number of receivers simultaneously, is called
17) Which one is not the assumption of social case work
18) Match the concept with the author who has developed the same:
List-I(Concept) List-II (Author)
a) Hierarchy of Needs i)Abraham Maslow
b) Transaction Analysis ii)Ivan Pavlov
c) Behaviour Modification iii) Eric Berne
d) Psycho Analysis iv) Sigmund Freud
v) H.B.Trecker

Codes: a b c d
19) A couple expressing extreme anger at each other come to a social worker for marital counseling. The social worker should first
20) Who from the following is not Social Activist