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1) Which one of the following is not a part of social case work process?
2) Social case work aims at
3) Friendly visitors are related to
4) ‘What is Social Case Work’ is written by
5) Match the following:
List – I List – II
(a) Home visit (i) Tool of learning and teaching
(b) Face sheet (ii) Evaluation
(c) Process Record (iii) Holistic assessment
(d) Evaluative summary (iv) Intake
(a) (b) (c) (d)
6) In which year the publication entitled as ‘Social Diagnosis’ was done ?

7) Who proposed ‘Client Centered Therapy’ ?
8) Conferences are meant for
9) In communication chatting in internet is
10) The best known expert of the problem solving model is
11) Charity Organisation Society (COS) in USA was established in the year
12) Arrange case work components in order
13) Which one of the following is not the need in Maslow’s hierarchy model
14) Which of the following is not a principle of case work
15) Arrange case work process in order
16) Who among the following is associated with Gestalt therapy
17) Friendly visitors are related to
18) ‘Principle of Confidentiality’ was given by
19) Assertion (A) : Relationship is the basis of all help in social case work.
Reason (R) : Personal relations can help in solving all the problems.
20) Identify the sequence regarding process of communication