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“SAKSHAM’S …empowering your notion” is an initiative to provide comprehensive study program for various streams and courses, especially UGC NET/JRF. It’s a helping hand to induce for higher education by providing Lectures, Study Material, Group Discussion etc. and also arrange fooding and lodging at very marginal cost . In SAKSHAM’S, we offer special assistance to economically weak family background and PWD students.


“रुपया… Is to Nurture youth leadership towards economic independence and strongly promote the concept of “Prosumer Power” amongst them. It is to develop a thought to become a “Job Provider not as Job Seekers” with a rational thinking mechanism in their vision towards professional career pathway.


SAMRIDDHI is an initiative for vocational education, emancipation, empowerment for women to make them economically independent through social entrepreneurship. Through this initiative, we will provide them training and professional skills of Manufacturing, Marketing, Branding, management of household products. Let us bring togetherness, happiness & prosperity in our lives. Let us bring SAMRIDDHI



Easy2live is an ambitious endeavor of Silverbird Solutions to make the life easier. The ultimate goal of life is to have prosperity and we are trying to cope up with it by our four wings. 1. Sakhsam’s 2. रूपया 3. Smariddhi 4. Sanvardhan Through Sakhsam’s we are working for quality education, through रूपया we make people economic independent on their own terms and through Smariddhi and Sanvardhan we are working for continuous and sustainable development of society especially women empowerment and their emancipation.


To focus towards our mission with positive approach.


To Become a game changer in every aspect of life apart from गृहस्थ जीवन.


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Satyam Tiwari

Company Secretary
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Rahul Pratap

Social Entrepreneur
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Neha Katiyar

Business Development Manager


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